2.2) Learn git

Week-2 (Task 2- Learn Git)


Git”, its just a three letter word, but it is one of the powerful things which most of the developers use to manage and organize their work.  Git is a distributed version control system originally developed by Linus Torvalds and others to manage the Linux kernel. .It supports cloning, with Git, once you’ve cloned the repository, you have a fully functioning copy of the source code, with all the branches and tagged releases at your disposal.



Its really helpful which make sure that you see what revisions you’ve made in your codes. You could share your project source code with anyone and they can also improve and help you out if possible. Also if developer thinks that the changes are efficient and helpful they can commit, to make them permanent. Basically Git, allows you to taste what is really meant by Open Source development.



Credit: Githubengineering



Git is useful, as you could understand it via example, that suppose there is a team of web-developers and they are developing a website. Each person is working on different functionalities, one way to work on the local-development, but what if other needs to the code and compare it with yours, and needed to make the revision in it. Git allows you to backtrack and make sure that, you could collaborate easily and work on same problems and different set of functionalities.


These days it is really important to know the Git, as in today’s world time=money, and to make development fast and easy. And for that Git is one of the tool, which you should definitely have inventory.


To learn more about GIT, refer these blog and sites.

  1.  https://www.codecademy.com/learn/learn-git

2.  https://try.github.io/

3.  https://www.git-tower.com/learn/

4.  https://www.codeschool.com/learn/git




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