2.1) Setup dev environment

Week 2 (Task- Setup development environment)


Our week-2  first task was to,  setup the development environment. We were required to setup our Pc’s or laptop to Ubuntu 16.04, Bash terminal.  First of all being a windows user since when I first started using computer it was little bit tricky to switch to the Linux operating system.







But yes, I was little bit aware that how powerful and helpful Linux could be in developers work. And yes it is really awesome operating system. It was easy to switch to Ubuntu, downloaded it from the Ubuntu official website,  and searched for the LTS version of the latest Ubuntu version. Made a boot-able pen-drive, via Rufus software for making ISO boot-able to drive. After that with in few minutes it was merely few clicks to install the OS, and it was really graphical friendly.


Only one thing is really you should be aware regarding installing the Ubuntu, is that there are two ways to allocate your Ubuntu OS space. One is that you have a separate empty disk, or the other is create partition using the table given during the choice to where install the Ubuntu. For more help you could see this blog on Wiki-How  here.




Once your Ubuntu installed up make sure that if, there’s an update requirement. Make sure that update runs, because it will help your drivers to run correctly. There could be some trivial problems such as battery life could not be same as it would be in windows, due to lack of your hardware support. But don’t worry Ubuntu community is really awesome with finest developers around the world. Also there would not be brightness shortcut, for that you could see this amazing blog for that here.


The bash I used for the first time made me thought, that I would never be able to run a single command. But as I searched for resources on-line and on Hasura Slack channel, it was piece of cake(just for basic commands!).  A little advice for last time, when you use bash, make sure you also press shift, when copying or paste from or into it respectively. And yes at last I would like to give credit to Google too!




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