1.2) App Wireframe

This post is regarding the wire-frame of the app idea on which I’m working for the Hasura-Internship project. The wire frame part was a little bit tricky, we were needed to stick to the 3 screen app and we could not extends more than that keeping the login and register screen aside.

As, I’ve written in my earlier post, the idea for the web-app is a platform which helps the user to have a conversation in the language they are trying to learn. Because without practicing and trying the skills we are unable to learn the language. So basically, we were guided to use the proto.io, which is an awesome platform to make wire-frame and Hasura also helped to manage an on-line session with the Alexis Piperides(C.E.O of proto.io). But due to some constraints, I used another platform Moqups, which also helps the user to create wire-frames, they want for their application.


The following is the description about the 3 screen of the Web-App as following:


1. Feeder






Feeder will be the home screen, once the user login to the account he/she will be land on this page. It will show the latest feed i.e what their friends are up to. So basically they could see what their friends are up to, what are their new interactions like new friends they’ve added, new questions they asked or  post they liked etc. User could also post what they are up to.  So, it will help them to keep in touch with whats new happening. Also the top instructors will also could be seen in this feeder, which would help the users to learn and seek help from them, to improve their skills.



2. Communiqué


The Communiqué


Communiqué will be the main functionality of this app, it would help the user to find a random instructor or a learner to chat with and improve their language skills. It would contain the buttons like any other basic messenger. The users could also add the stranger as their friends If they think the user is really good as an instructor or  he/she is a curious and good learner.

After the end of the session they could also give the rating to users, which would help us to make sure that right people exist in the community and contribute in a productive growth.




3. Forum



Forum,  would be a place were the user the could ask the questions which they want from anyone around the community. It would help the user to make interact with the community, spread their knowledge about the language and learn. The forum would contain a basic functionality users could ask a questions, and people around the community could give the questions and answers up-vote and down-vote regarding the quality to question and the answer. Also there would be a star which would help the user to make the question more trending so that, other users could also learn and gain from that. It would help the people to interact with the community and create learn and share environment and make the full use of this platform.



You could also check the link of the wire-frames of the web- app  by clicking  here.




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