1.1) Three screen app idea

Hi, thanks for on spending some time to read my blog regarding the Hasura-Internship. I’m really looking forward to develop something new or something helpful for this internship.


Learn and teach via app
A new way to use social media Credit- Getty images



Basically on spending so much time on many of the social networking website & having a keen interest to learn new language. I thought about my entire experience of social networking + language learning platforms.  So, I thought why not make the learning of languages interactive + efficient, and allow the users to learn in whichever they want.

I use some apps to learn languages but, was unable to find someone knowledgeable of to converse in that language. So I decided to make a web-app for finding a partner to learn a new language from a proficient person and one can converse with them to try their new skills.

Basically there will be two ways a user could use this web-app, first as instructor, there will be a test, which will check the proficiency of the person whoever applies as the instructor. There will be match regarding random algorithm with the person who’s looking for an instructor to chat with. And on the other hand the person could use web-app as a learner, they could find different instructors around the world with whom they could have chat with.

To use different features users need to build sort of language karma, and it will act as points, users could unlock more features based on that karma points.

There will be 3 screens for the main functionality of web-app.

1. Feeders

Feeders will be a home-screen after login, where users could see what their friends are up-to. They could also see what’s new trending in the language they are learning, and see some top- instructors which would help them to ask questions to them.


2. Communiqué

Communiqué will make a random match with the stranger. Match will be based on algorithm, if a person looking for instructor he/she will be matched with an instructor and if they are looking for learner they could find a learner, who want to chat in the language they are proficient. From the chat session, if the really think the person they are chatting with is proficient and comfortable to chat with, they could also add them as their friend or continue a chat session even after the random session is ended up.

3.  Forum

Learning could never be complete without Q&A, so there will be a forum, where users could post their doubts and ask in the community to clarify their doubts and learn more along with spreading their knowledge with their fellas. It would be sort of Quora were users could up-vote or down-vote a question and answer. Also once the user is satisfied with the answer, the question will be closed.


In conclusion it would be really an interactive way to learn and spread the knowledge about the language you want to learn and the language you want to know.


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