2.2) Learn git

Week-2 (Task 2- Learn Git)   “Git”, its just a three letter word, but it is one of the powerful things which most of the developers use to manage and organize their work.  Git is a distributed version control system originally developed by Linus Torvalds and others to manage the Linux kernel. .It supports cloning, […]

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2.1) Setup dev environment

Week 2 (Task- Setup development environment)   Our week-2  first task was to,  setup the development environment. We were required to setup our Pc’s or laptop to Ubuntu 16.04, Bash terminal.  First of all being a windows user since when I first started using computer it was little bit tricky to switch to the Linux operating […]

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1.2) App Wireframe

This post is regarding the wire-frame of the app idea on which I’m working for the Hasura-Internship project. The wire frame part was a little bit tricky, we were needed to stick to the 3 screen app and we could not extends more than that keeping the login and register screen aside. As, I’ve written […]

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1.1) Three screen app idea

Hi, thanks for on spending some time to read my blog regarding the Hasura-Internship. I’m really looking forward to develop something new or something helpful for this internship.       Basically on spending so much time on many of the social networking website & having a keen interest to learn new language. I thought […]

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